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To promote wellness and eliminate poverty in every community in the country and throughout the world.

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Press P. Entrada
Life is wonderful. We must live it to the fullest. Just always believe in your dreams and do what is neccessary than doing what you only want to do. We want everyone to have the courage to think differently, to explore and discover impossible to possible.
Tefanie Hecel M. Mahinay
A vision without action is daydream. Sharing opportunity that SERP WORLDWIDE CORPORATION is bringing is our utmost goal. We want everyone to have the courage to think differently, to explore and discover impossible to possible.
Archie J. Aligway
Daylyn Abao
John Michael Allasgo
Bhlitzcraig Caralde



Membership & Packages


Most frequent questions and answers
  1. Small capital big potential income.
  2. Global business/home based business.
  3. Portable business.
  4. Daily pay.out system.
  5. No educational background needed.
  6. No experience needed.
  7. Helping business.
  8. Word of mouth approach meaning in a form of sharing only.
  9. Unique, sellable and competitive in the market products.
  10. You can do it partime or fulltime.
  11. You are the boss.
  12. Additional income.
  13. Meet new friends.
  14. Gives you a healthy and wealthy living.
  15. You will experience the time and financial freedom..
  1. Simple avail our Membership Packages.
  2. You will receive a 50% discount product reorder.
  3. There is a Personal Accident Insurance worth of P110,000. For example the member dies through accident. 10,000- medical reimbursement, 50,000- provoked murder and assault
  4. Free Medical Check up with laboratories:
    Urinalysis, Fecalysis, Chest XRay, Dental, Optical, Blood sugar, Blood cholesterol
  5. Free online monitoring system
  6. Free ID
  7. Business kit
  8. ATM for only 250 processing fee
  9. Transferable scholarship in college up to 50% discount tuition. No maintaining grades.
  10. Travel Incentive and free training
  1.  Retailing- you will get up to 50% discount on all product reorder lifetime. No quota.
  2. Direct Sales Bunos- get 500 pesos as commission for every single package bought by your invite.
  3. Pairing Sales Bunos- get 1500 pesos commission whenever there is pairing in your organization. One package from your left paired with another package to your right then you can get 1500 pesos as commission.
  4. Reorder Rebates- you can get 1500 pesos commission whenever your organization accumulate 1000 points of products and it will be paired with 1000 points on package.
  5. Mentorship Program- Get 5% commission from all binary earnings of your direct sponsored downline.
  6. Reverse mentorship program- Get 5% commission from your direct upline on all his binary earnings.
  7. Unilevel Sales Bunos- Get 12% commission from your direct sponsored downline and 5% commission on indirect downlines up to 10% level with dynamic compression.
  8. Stairstep Commission- earn as much as 5% commission upon registration. 10% once promoted to EXPERIENCE ENTREPRENEU. 20% EXPERT ENTREPRENEUR. 30% ELITE ENTREPRENEUR.
    Note: No timeframe, No Pass up, No Demotion.
  9. Royalty Income- get 2% commission up to 5th level on all ELITE ENTREPRENEUR and Non ELITE ENTREPRENEUR downlines.
  10. 5% profit sharing on company sales.

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